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Problems and challenges in life can come from many directions

If you’re struggling to deal with your problems you may be:

  • Feeling helpless and unsure about what to do next

  • Experiencing less pleasure in the life that you’ve created

  • Dreading the future rather than looking forward to it

  • Getting in your own way as you try to create the life you want

Meet Your Guide

Dr Bek works with people who want to improve their personal well-being and interactions with others to feel more content and on top of life.

Her practical strategies are tailored for clients who describe a feeling of languishing - having a pervasive or acute sense of being discontent or unsatisfied, yet unable to effectively move past it.

Dr Bek will help you find ways to achieve your life goals without compromising your well-being.

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Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to improving their life.

Our lives are full of twists and turns, and you never know when you'll encounter an unexpected challenge at work or in the important relationships you have in your life.

Life Made Simple exists to eliminate the frustration and confusion that you might feel when you're stuck dealing with problems. We'll give you the tools and skills you need to help bolster your strategies for dealing with life’s ups and downs.

When you join Life Made Simple, you'll dive into learning the six important life domains that will help keep you moving forward. Imagine how good it will feel to live a happier and calmer life, with all the skills you need to work through tricky conversations and situations.

No more feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, no more feelings of dread as you plan your future goals. Instead you will be armed with the knowledge and skills you need to curate the life you want and be ready for the challenges ahead.


Our services are inclusive, safe and friendly for LGBTIQ service users and staff.