Burnout Busters

Start Transforming Your Life


A New Way Out of Burnout

This course is for busy people who are struggling with responsibility overload or feeling like they are losing their mojo.


I wrote it to help you move past whatever is holding you back.


You don’t need to be in burnout, or to have experienced burnout, to benefit because these tools are essential for prevention as well as recovery. In fact, going into a busy lifestyle without having these skills is like trying to enjoy skydiving without a parachute!

It makes good sense to boost your resilience so you can live the life you want without compromise.

Three stage burnout prevention and recovery program

Get Support For Sustainable Change

  • Each stage is offered in the form of tutorials and accompanied by worksheets to help you turn insight into action.

  • Using a foundational model of “soil and seeds” associated with vulnerability to burnout, I talk you through context and personality factors which contribute to emotional exhaustion.

Create your Life By Design

My three stage burnout prevention and recovery program aims to help you to feel confident in leading a life by design, where you:

  • choose the responsibilities and obligations that you want to meet, and

  • move fluidly through inevitable stressors which come with having a busy life well lived.

It's Achievable!


  • Every Stage is designed to run for 2-3 weeks to allow time to test and adjust your new skills in the context of your real world existence.

  • It is important that your tailored plan works for you within your chosen lifestyle, so I help you find ways to flexibly introduce the core strategies for burnout recovery and prevention.

My Burnout Busters course is designed to get you started on a path to positive coping and sustainable growth.

I help you to develop greater self-awareness around red flags, triggers and dynamic strategies to help you stay on track in times of increased pressure.


You don’t need to make your dreams smaller because you are worried about burning out.


Learn new ways of maintaining balance that work effectively in your life by design - where you choose your responsibilities and obligations based on your values and what is meaningful to you.

Meet Your Guide

Dr Bek works with people who want to improve their personal well-being and interactions with others to feel more content and on top of life.
Her practical strategies are tailored for clients who describe a feeling of languishing - having a pervasive or acute sense of being discontent or unsatisfied, yet unable to effectively move past it.
Dr Bek will help you find ways to achieve your life goals without compromising your well-being.

Stage 1 - Goal Setting and Achievement

Burnout Busters encourages you to be realistic in how you approach burnout recovery. That means fine tuning your ability to recognise potential speed bumps ahead and to learn to navigate around these more effectively.

Stage 1 is all about recovery and resetting your inherent stress-rebalancing systems, focusing on gentle movement, good nutrition, and improving your sleep patterns. This provides a solid foundation for new growth.

Burnout Busters is about changing the way you think about stress and developing new and different techniques to get you unstuck from burnout.

Stage 2 - Design and Implementation

Stage 2 is recognising factors that keep you heading into the void, including personality characteristics, personal values and boundaries.

In Stage 2, all the work you have done to manage stress previously, and the new approach you implement in Stage 1, culminates into forming a tailored, personal burnout and recovery plan for sustainable wellness.

Unpack my 3-step approach to lay the groundwork for future resilience in a busy and demanding lifestyle.

Step 1 - Recognition


  • Identify opportunities for change
  • Recognise the impact of your inner dialogue
  • Find the gaps between your inner critic and inner coach

Step 2 - Stress response cycle

  • Guided rebalancing of nervous system
  • Tools to maximise what is already working and reduce factors getting in the way
  • Strategies to save energy even while emotionally and physically exhausted

Step 3 - Expand problem solving

  • Identify what works in your lifestyle
  • Discover alternative solutions
  • Guided problem solving for a tailored solution & recovery plan

Stage 3 - Test & Adjust

Stage 3 is where you refine the tailored burnout prevention and recovery plan you have been working on to ensure that it works sustainably for the lifestyle that you choose.

Burnout Busters is about practical solutions for inevitable life challenges.

Burnout Busters teaches you how to live your dreams in a way which maintains wellness and enhances contentment.

  • All stages of the program are supported by downloadable, course-specific materials and additional resources and references for further exploration.
  • These are optional and are there to help.
  • You can do as many or as few of these as you like.
  • Carefully curated adjunct resources that are also updated regularly in our online community, to ensure you have access to the latest science-driven strategies.
  • You can refine and enhance your individual burnout prevention and recovery plan for dynamic and sustainable growth and independence.

Your Plan For A Life By Design


Join Burnout Busters

For just $295, you will create a sustainable burnout prevention and recovery plan, tailored to suit your individual lifestyle and made for lasting change.

Burnout Busters gives you an overview of what works based on the science behind burnout - and then goes further by providing short tutorials on how to turn your insights into an actionable game plan which fits into your current lifestyle.


Build Skills

Developed and delivered by Dr Bek - clinical psychologist with three decades of experience across clinical, forensic, military and organisational fields.

Our Burnout Busters course includes:

  • core course content giving you the foundation to plot your route out of burnout.
  • over 60 minutes of additional, bite-sized tutorial material from Dr Bek to help you turn insight into realistic strategies that will work in your busy life.
  • adjunct presentations by our affiliate partners as subject-matter experts on brain, mind and body hacks to help you get unstuck from burnout faster.



Your Life

Joining Burnout Busters gives you 12 months access to the program along with free access to any of Dr Bek's other on-demand courses, with strategies to optimise the 6 key areas of your life, as and when you need them.

With your new knowledge and experience, you’ll be amazed at how you can create the life that you dream of.

Your Burnout Busters Subscription Gives
You Access to:

More than 120 minutes of science-based tools, strategies and practical tips for burnout recovery and prevention.

Practical worksheets and templates to help you turn insight into action!

12 months access to the Burnout Busters on-demand course - revisit anytime you need a top up!

Exclusive discounts for the Burnout Busters live, group coaching with Dr Bek - maximise your potential for change!

Free access to Life Made Simple on-demand content across all of the 6 life domains for 12 months.


Need some extra support?

Everyone’s situation is unique, and sometimes a little personalised attention can make all the difference in finding tailored solutions for your specific circumstances.

You don’t have to manage burnout recovery alone. I have over 30 years of experience helping people just like you travel the path to positive coping and sustainable growth in their lives.

As a participant of the Burnout Busters course, you are eligible to an exclusive one-on-one bespoke coaching package with me.

We’ll meet fortnightly online*, for three, 80-minute sessions, delving deep into relevant, situation specific and practical tools that you can apply immediately to make a meaningful difference to your life.

Normally $1005.00, Burnout Busters participants can access this package for only $950.00 (Terms and conditions apply*)

To book, email hello@drbek.com.au within 2 weeks of purchasing Burnout Busters.


Our services are inclusive, safe and friendly for LGBTIQ service users and staff.