Dr. Bek’s 6-Week Burnout Busters Bootcamp

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and drained by the demands of life?

Join our comprehensive group coaching event designed to equip you with practical strategies, actionable tools and a personalised plan to break free from burnout and create a healthier, brighter and more balanced future.

What’s Included: Your Path to a Brighter Future

* Participation in future community groups is contingent upon finishing the 6 week coaching event.

Meet Dr. Bek

Dr. Bek is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years’ of experience.

She specialises in helping individuals improve their well-being, find contentment, and overcome feelings of discontent.

Her practical strategies are particularly tailored for clients who describe a feeling of languishing – having a pervasive or acute sense of feeling mildly discontent or unsatisfied, yet unable to effectively move past it.

Understanding Burnout

Are you experiencing:

You’re not alone. Burnout is a signal, not a sign, of brokenness. It’s time for a new direction.

Change Your Perspective

Through the Burnout Busters Bootcamp, you will start to think of burnout as getting stuck in stress rather than simply having stress. It’s important to understand that you don’t need to eliminate important dreams and aspirations from your life in order to thrive.

Burnout often affects responsible, reliable, and caring individuals, and certain personality factors can make you feel more vulnerable. It’s not just about stress management; it’s about understanding how certain personality traits, like conscientiousness and responsibility, can become vulnerabilities when overused, keeping you trapped in stress.

Dealing with burnout involves recognising your limitations, managing them differently, and understanding your natural stress-response process. It’s about harnessing your body and mind’s inherent skills to rebalance after stress.

In a world where burnout is all too common, Burnout Busters Bootcamp helps to provide a clear explanation and practical, small steps to improve your well-being.

Our Community: A Safe Space


Our online community is a safe place to learn, and to experiment with new strategies and tools, as you develop new techniques to manage demands in your routine.

You will never be pushed into sharing your experiences – this is an educational community of like-minded learners, all of whom are interested in knowing more about how to manage burnout effectively without making their world smaller.

The online community is moderated to create a safe, shared space for learning. We embrace an inclusive learning culture, which means valuing and respecting difference and empowering our participants and clients to reach their full potential. We use closed captions on our recorded content where possible, resources are provided in a variety of mediums to suit different learning styles, and live coaching sessions are conducted with participants using chat features to interact and you are not required to have your camera on to join in. The pre-registration process is designed to ensure the format of this event is a good fit for each participant. Any specific learning requirements can be discussed at this private session and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences

Join like-minded learners committed to developing practical skills for a life by design. We limit the group to just 12 participants to ensure every individual has great access to Dr Bek and the opportunity for a tailored learning experience.

Our Bootcamp participants are committed to a common goal – to develop practical skills that enable them to live a life by design – one where you choose the responsibilities and obligations you commit to, based on your personal values and on what gives your life meaning and purpose.

How The Bootcamp May Help To Improve Your Life

*Disclaimer: Please note that this mental health literacy service is science-based, which means we talk about the evidence for what works most of the time, for most people. The Bootcamp is designed to offer valuable insights and skills in burnout management, and individual results depend on factors, such as personal commitment and engagement. While we aim to provide a rich learning experience, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, and individual outcomes may vary. This course is for educational purposes and does not substitute for individual therapy. For addressing specific personal issues, seeking individualised help from a qualified professional is highly recommended.

Burnout Busters Bootcamp Three-Stage Process

Burnout Busters Bootcamp will take you through a three-stage framework designed to help you build resilience, manage stress, and develop healthier habits.

Weeks 1 & 2
Rest and Digest

Weeks 3 & 4
Design and Implement

Weeks 5 & 6
Test and Adjust

Your Bootcamp Plan

It’s time to invest in your wellbeing.

For our price only $450 + GST you receive: 



After completing the Bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to continue accessing the support of the community you have built through a closed group, including access to updated materials and Q&A sessions with Dr Bek,  for only an extra $10 +GST per month. 

My Guarantee

I am so confident that the Burnout Busters Bootcamp program will be a great fit for you, that if, after attending the first two live coaching sessions, you decide it is not what you are looking for, I will refund your registration fee in full – no questions asked. Just email my team to let us know you would like to deactivate your registration and provide your account details for a full online refund of your fee. And – to thank you for giving my Bootcamp a red-hot go, I’ll give you access to the full Burnout Busters online prerecorded program for one month, so you the opportunity to benefit from the additional science related strategies I have developed in a different format.

Ready to bust burnout?

We value your individual goals and aspirations, and that’s why we schedule a 10-15 minute call or Zoom meet and greet with every applicant before the Bootcamp begins.

This personalised session allows me to understand your needs better and ensure that the group coaching event aligns with your needs.

To get started, schedule your meet and greet session using the link below.

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